Fall Bible Study Classes Coming!

“The Word Made Fresh” – a team of instructors promoting Scripture and Spirituality studies – has announced their Fall lineup of Bible study classes.


  • “The Gospel According to Matthew” Matthew presents Jesus of Nazareth as a great teacher and Son of God, emphasizing that he is Emmanuel (‘God with us’), and that he is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies. It follows the story from the virginal conception of Jesus, through his public ministry, to his passion, death, and resurrection, and commissioning the disciples to evangelize the whole world after his resurrection. Matthew, along with Mark and Luke, is one of the synoptic gospels. It is the primary gospel of year ‘A’ in the Catholic Church’s liturgical cycle.
  • Deadline to register is September 2, 2018
  • Reg Form – 2018 Matthew 

10 weeks. Starts September 23rd.  Instructor: Jeanne Smith


  • “The Book of Job” The book of Job tells the story of a righteous man who is overwhelmed by suffering and complains to God until God comes to speak with him. The stage is set for Job’s suffering when God praises his servant Job to the Satan, who vehemently asserts that Job is only righteous because God has blessed him in every way. Take away his blessings, the Satan claims, and Job will curse God. In an age where suffering was seen as a sign of punishment for sin, Job’s suffering is doubled when all his friends impugn his character as they witness his sorrows. This story speaks eloquently of the mystery of human suffering. Listen to God’s Word in the midst of pain.
  • Deadline to register is September 2, 2018
  • Reg Form – 2018 Job

7 weeks. Starts September 26th.  Instructor: Donna Girard


  • “A Biblical Walk Through the Mass” As Catholics, the Mass is the center of our Faith. We celebrate it every day. We know all the responses. We know all the gestures. But do we know the “why” of it?  Do we know what it all means?
    In A Biblical Walk Through the Mass, we will take a unique tour of the Liturgy. We will explore the biblical roots of the words and gestures we experience in the Liturgy and explain their profound significance. This intriguing look at the Mass is sure to renew your faith and deepen your devotion to the Eucharist.
  • Deadline to register is September 16, 2018
  • Reg Form – 2018 Walk Through Mass

6 weeks. Starts October 9th.  Instructor: Deacon Don Smith


Registration materials will be available In August!  All classes are held at the Faith Formation Center of Our Lady Queen of Angels Parish.  The center is located at our Holy Angels campus in South Meriden, CT.  You can go to “The Word Made Fresh” at www.facebook.com/MeridenCatholicBibleStudy for details and interesting information about Bible study – or email Deacon Don at DeaconDon@snet.net to get on the email list for announcements and registration materials.