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The season of Lent approaches. We welcome it on Mardi Gras Day, Feb.25 with a celebration at 6:30 PM at Rosary Hall of St. Joseph Church. There we will feast on some luscious desserts and follow a very old tradition of “Burying the Alleluia”, as we cease singing and reciting it during Lent. Join us!

The great Forty Days begin the next day on Ash Wednesday. This day calls us to fast and pray as we enter the sacred season.

Lent itself has two parts:

  • Ash Wednesday to Saturday of Week Three: of conversion via fasting, prayer, and acts of charity. We begin anew, we forgive and seek forgiveness, we seek justice and mercy.
  • The second part of Lent commences on the Fourth Sunday of Lent and concludes with Lent itself on Holy Thursday morning. Here we read the Gospel of John and meet Jesus the Son of God in whom we have eternal life.
  • This leads us into the Sacred Easter Triduum on April 9, 10, 11, and 12.

May we be open to the action of God in us , in others, and in our world during these privileged days. A blessed and happy Lent!

Forward in Faith,

Fr. Tom Sievel

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