Bible Study Fall 2021 Information

The Book of Isaiah

Wednesday evenings

Beginning Sept. 29th

Register before September 15th

In the Bible, the primary role of the prophet is to speak for God, to see and hear as God sees and hears, and then to pronounce words of correction and hope. In Isaiah, we encounter God’s accusation against Israel; the holiness of God; hope for a messianic king; oracles against foreign nations; prophecies of restoration; and challenges for exiles returning to their homeland.  Powerful stuff!
 Instructor: Donna Girard will lead a class on The Book of Isaiah for 6 weeks this Fall & 6 weeks next Spring.
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First Corinthians

Sunday evenings

Beginning October 17th

Register before September 29th

First Corinthians deals with divisions in the believing community at Corinth and the harm that they inflict on ‘the body of Christ.’ Paul also deals with many individual ethical problems in the community of which he has become aware through letters and contacts. Paul instructs the community concerning true wisdom; the sin of idolatry; the Lord’s Supper; the role of God’s ministers; the supreme importance of love; gifts of the Spirit; and the nature of the resurrection. The community of Corinth could easily be our own – struggling for unity in the midst of conflict and discovering weaknesses and strengths. In this study, Paul invites you to find unity in the Gospel message.      
Instructor: Jeanne Smith for 5 weeks this Fall & 4 weeks next Spring
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Light of the World

Sunday evenings via Zoom
Beginning Nov. 28

Register before November 7th

Advent is not only the perfect time to read the story of the birth of Jesus; it’s also a great time to dive deeper into the biblical texts that surround the event. In Light of the World: A Beginner’s Guide to Advent, author, professor, and biblical scholar Amy-Jill Levine shows how the Gospel narratives connect to the Old Testament; highlights the role of women in first-century Jewish culture; and emphasizes the importance of Mary’s visitation, the census, the stable, the star of Bethlehem, and the flight to Egypt. A rich and challenging learning experience.
 Instructor: Deacon Don Smith
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Here is an intro video: