Director of Music – Mt Carmel Campus
Ronald Miner-Hughes


Mt Carmel Children’s Choir Schedule of Events and Rehearsals:



Over 150 attended the Home For The Holidays Concert with Jason Castonguay on December 10, 2017. Some visitors from out of town commented,  “It was so delightful we thought we were at the Metropolitan Opera!” Parishioners from all campuses of OLQA as well as out of town parishes greeted Jason as they enjoyed the refreshments provided by the Mt Carmel Society.
In the first half of the concert, Jason featured the versatility of our computerized organ that replicated the type of “Theater Pipe Organ” as heard at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall. He concluded with the Sacred Pipe Organ sound with “O Holy Night”, and the Schubert, “Ave Maria”, before he moved to the memorial sanctuary piano where he and the audience concluded with a moving arrangement of the all-time favorite, “Silent Night”. Click to view photos