Director of Music – Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Campus
Ronald Miner-Hughes

CHILDREN’S CHOIR at Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Children will sing this year at:

  • 9:00 First Friday Masses
  • 4:00 First Saturday Masses
  • 4:00 Christmas Eve
  • Open to grades 3-8 At Mt. Carmel School
  • NEW- SATURDAYS: Open to grades 3-8 in Public School
MOUNT CARMEL CHILDREN’S CHOIR –  Interest at all time high! New Choir Mother sought.
Enthusiastic Choristers filled the choir loft on Sept. 6th at the school year’s First Friday Mass.
Mount Carmel School Children’s Choir enrollment has been steadily on the rise.
This year, the all-time high of 41 students have expressed interest in enrolling in choir. In order to officially enroll in choir for a school year, parents received permission forms to enroll each child. Parents will soon receive permission slips along with the schedule of Masses and Rehearsals.
Children used to sing on First Friday 9:00 Masses, and Last Sunday 10:00 Masses. With our recent Mass Schedule adjustment, parents expressed interest in their children singing at the First Saturday 4:00 Masss. This year children will sing on the FIRST FRIDAY and FIRST SATURDAY of each Month, and also at the 4:00 Mass on Christmas Eve. Rehearsals will follow the First Friday Masses, precede the First Satuday Masses, and be held at 1:00 on the Tuesdays prior to First Fridays.
In the past few years, we have engaged the assistance of volunteer Choir Mothers. Their responsibilities involve gathering the students for Masses and Rehearsals, assisting students with choir stoles (worn during Mass), lining children up for Communion Procession, and helping children remain focused during choir. Choir Mothers have been selected from parents whose children attend Mt. Carmel School, and usually have children who sing in choir, although, the latter is not required. Choir Mothers work closely with the Music Director. Any interested Mom whose child attends Mt. Carmel School may contact the school office or email the Music Director to apply for the Choir and arrange for interview with the director.
  • Mt. Carmel School parents will soon receive enrollment information
  • Public School parents please see Music Director at Our Lady of Mount Carmel after any Mass, or email him at 
ADULT CHOIR at Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Any adult (including children of H.S. age) interested in singing in Choir for Christmas 10:00 Mass at at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, please see the Director after any Mass, or email him before Oct. 1st at
Rehearsals will be Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 pending responses. If you’re already, or have been in choir, or if you’ve not been in choir but would like to sing for Christmas Mass, please speak with our Director as soon as possible.

Coast-coast Concert Artist, JASON CASTONGUAY

  • 2:00 p.m. Oct. 27th – Mt. Carmel (Organ/Piano/Vocal)
  • 2:00 p.m. Dec. 29th- Holy Angels (Organ/Piano/Vocal) Please Mark your calendars.  Watch for more information.