2020 Scholarships

Reverend Alfred R. Merusi Memorial Scholarship 2020
Reverend Merusi was a kind and loving pastor at Holy Angels Church from 1982 to 1995. He was a kind and loving person. He was committed to his parish and made a point of knowing everyone and what was going on with them. He knew if you had a baseball game, school play and was there to support you if you had a loss in your family.

Reverend Alfred R. Merusi Memorial 2020 Scholarship Recipients:

This year’s recipients are Joanna Turner, Chloe LaBissoniere, and John Weinheimer

Joanna Turner is a graduate of Lyman Hall High School and will be attending the University of Connecticut pursuing a career as an agricultural science teacher.

Chloe LaBissoniere is a graduate of Wilcox Technical School and will be attending Central Connecticut State University majoring in physical education.

John Weinheimer is a graduate of Xavier High School and will be attending Mount Saint Mary University and plans a career in law enforcement.

Marion and Dorothy Whalon Scholarship
Marion and Dorothy Whalon were graduates of Saint Joseph School, and lifelong parishioners of Saint Joseph parish. The Whalons were continuous supporters of the school and its mission. The sisters believed in continuing the school’s legacy. Marion and Dorothy gifted the school in an endowed scholarship through a bequest honoring the foundation that they received from the Sisters of Mercy at St. Joseph School. They donated $141,250 for the church air-conditioning and the scholarship. 27 students received funds from the scholarship for college.

Marion and Dorothy Whalon 2020 Scholarship Recipients:
Students applied from the classes of 2008 up until 2016.

Jeremy Adams
Christian Bonfiglio
Riley Carey
Ryan Curry
Emma Daly
Alyssa Daniels
Kallan Doyon
Julia Eldridge
Emily Esposito
Sarah Garvey
Garrett Gay
Haley Guyette
Fiona Haggerty
Teresa Haggerty
Grace Ivers
John Ivers
Isabella Kunze
Aidan Messier
Camille M. Messier
David Richardson
Gabriella Rios
David Robinson
Nikki-Lee Rostedt
Natalie Scotto
Ashley Suzio
Devin Welch
Kaylee Wright

Here are all their majors:  Biology, Criminal Justice, Physics, 3 – Occupational therapy, 2 – psychology, 5 – Business, 2 – Social Work, Finance, Environmental Studies, 2 Elementary Education, Journalism, Nursing, Premed, Athletic Training, International Business and a Masters for Higher Education.