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Classes will begin again in September!

  • All classes and events will be held in person at Holy Angels campus from 8:45-9:45am Sunday followed by 10:00am Mass. All students are expected to attend classes, mass and events.



2020-2021 Class Information:

Teacher contact email:

Each week will be comprised of three components:

  1. Visions Gospel Weekly for each week. A hard copy was given to you in your packet
  2. Parent Teaching Page
    This page will help parents work with their son/daughter with the Gospel Weeklies.
    Click on the Visions levels and you will see the pages broken down by weeks.
  3. Student online Assessment. Each assessment corresponds to the Gospel weekly of the week.
    Students use the email: when asked: What’s the email of your catechist or teacher?

    UNIT 3 – JANUARY 17TH – March 7TH:
    Visions Assessment  – January 17th
    Visions Assessment  – January 24th
    Visions Assessment  – January 31st
    Visions Assessment  – February 7th

    Visions Assessment – February 14th
    Visions Assessment  – February 21st
    Visions Assessment  – February 28th
    Visions Assessment –  March 7th
    UNIT 4 – March 14TH – May 9th
    Visions Assessment  – March 14th
    Visions Assessment  – March 21st
    Visions Assessment  – March 28th
    Visions Assessment  – April 4th & 11th

    Visions Assessment – April 18th
    Visions Assessment  -April 25th
    Visions Assessment  – May 2nd
    Visions Assessment – May 9th

Other Resources:
Pflaum provides Videos for the students to help communicate the Gospel message.
You can find them here.
Scroll down to the “Visions” videos.